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Welcome to the Tranquillity Therapies Blog! Be sure to bookmark the page!
Each month there will be a different promotion or special offer to enable clients to get the best possible value. These will be on the "Tranquill Times Newsletter" and on the Special Offer page.
However, there will be some short-terms offers running too - so keep those eyes peeled, and watch this space for announcements!
Calm Moments will also be about inspiring thoughts, positivity and my general ramblings!
Do be sure to give some feedback - dont be shy!

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Pleased to announce I'm joining the KarmaU family and will be hosting Meditation classes starting on 23rd May at Hernhill Village Hall 8-9pm Wednesday evenings £5 per person. Come join us, you’ll love it!
Contact Anthony 07898 832625 to secure your place. I look forward to seeing you!

Exam season is nigh!
The pressure to perform well & fears of failure can trigger extreme anxiety and stress, which can manifest itself in various ways and may lead to insomnia and lack of sleep, appetite loss, extreme worry and even depression. Complementary Therapies can help keep students/pupils chill out and keep calm...

If Complementary Therapies could help you feel better-relieve aches & pains, handle life in a more positive way, improve your mood and help you have a more restful sleep-isn't it worth thinking about making an appointment?
Its time to invest in YOU!

Do you want happy feet this Easter? Tranquillity Therapies is open on Saturday 31st March for treatments...appointments available!

It can be hard to find time to relax, or, “Just Be”. We lead increasingly busy lives, with pressure to be here, there, and wearing a plethora of hats to fulfill any given role. When did you last have some Me time? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Can’t remember? By not having the chance to unwind, means that many of us are going about our daily life and routine being stressed and tense. (Sound familiar?) By pushing ourselves to the limit, we are in danger of putting ourselves at risk, and vulnerable to high blood pressure, heart problems and mental health issues.
Complementary Therapies can really help to get you to a place of relaxation. By promoting calm, releasing stress, and improving mental clarity thus improving your sense of well-being and feeling uplifted. They can also help ease insomnia, anxiety, stress, and agitation.

Date for your diary - 02/06/2018
Charity Event for the Motor Neurone Disease Association
£20 for 30 mins treatment. Choose from Hand or Foot Reflexology, or, Indian Head Massage.
Contact me to book your place!

***NEW*** Introducing Hot Stones Indian Head Massage! Normally £40 - promotional price of £32 for November! Books are open now!

Ever wanted to try something different? Wondered about Reiki? For November, you can give Reiki a try - £20 per treatment! Whats not to like?

Indian Head Massage is on promotion for October! £25 per treatment! Get booking!

Appointments available for Saturday 30th September...& in honour of World Reflexology Week (which I missed!) I am offering Reflexology appointments for £25!! Book in quick, appointments are bound to go fast!!

We managed to raise £236 on the Charity Wellbeing day!!! My deepest thanks to those who supported the event - whether sharing the status on Facebook, donating prizes, buying raffle prizes or attending the day itself.

New Meditation/Relaxation classes are being organised - please let me know if you are interested by sending a text or email, so I can keep you informed.

Date for your diary - 24/06/2017
Charity Event for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. £20 for 30 mins treatment. Choose from Hand or Foot Reflexology, or, Indian Head Massage. Book now to avoid disappointment - spaces are going quickly!

Neck and shoulder pain? Tight headaches? Feel better today with a fantastic Indian Head Massage, great for helping with neck, head and shoulder tension.
And, for April, Indian Head Massage is on promotion!

Wondering what Reflexology actually does, and how us therapists can tell which part of you is unbalanced? Take a look at the Foot Map for yourself, see if you can find any interesting bits that correspond to any aches and pains... (if you click on the image, it will come up in a pop up box, and will make it clearer!)

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is "How often should I have (Reflexology/IHM/Massage etc) a treatment?". I answer each person with the following.
"Ideally, it should be once a week. However, most peoples finances will not accommodate that, so fortnightly is best, then monthly, then 6 weekly".
It can be very difficult fitting in regular treatments when running around after a family, juggling your life with your employment as well. And, you know what? That's why you need your treatments!

Stress is the nations top killer! If left unchecked, it can contribute to many ailments - many life threatening. Heart Disease, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Depression...these are just a few - the list is a very long one indeed! One of the ways you can help yourself, is to look after your own health. This may be by having a complementary therapy, choosing a sport or past time to participate in, and giving yourself time.

Brrrr! Whilst we're in this awful cold snap, therapies are going to be limited to those with minimum flesh exposure! Thought Field Therapy, Reiki and Facial Uplift massage are still available!

Welcome to 2017!!! I hope to provide continued support to your wellbeing :)

Gift Certificates will no longer be available to purchase. Those that are outstanding, and within the "use by" date, will, of course, be honoured.

A photo of me receiving my Neuroflexology certificate - very proud indeed!

Reflexology may help with digestive issues, improve sleep, and alleviate aches and pains.

**Prices will increase on 1st October 2016 - be sure to check out the Tariffs page!**

There's a competition running, but you need to see a particular thread in my Facebook

TFT, or Tapping can help a plethora of 'ailments'. From weight loss, food cravings, pain through to fears and phobias, Tapping could help you.

Remember to keep hydrated in this heat. Drink plenty of liquids, take refreshing ice-tea and dress lightly.

Summer is here, and soon people will be off on their annual family Holiday.
So, is a “stay-cation” on the cards? Or, are you off to sunnier climes??
For those who are flying, does ear pain affect you or someone you are travelling with? Would you like to be more comfortable during the flight? Hopi Ear Candles can help do just that – they can help reduce the pressure, by allowing the individual to clear their ears (via swallowing to make them pop) the pain should be minimal.
If you’re having a stay-cation, and it’s because you or a close one has a Flying Phobia, why not address the issue and try Thought Field Therapy (Tapping). Whether its heights, or fear of the flight itself, Tapping can help clear the phobia.
Both of these therapies are available at Tranquillity Therapies, and, for the remainder of July, are on promotion.

Apparently, two thirds of the nation suffer with a sleep problem, and the quantity and quality of our sleep affects our overall wellbeing and quality of life..

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Stewart on the birth of their gorgeous baby - another Tranquillity Therapies success story!!

There's a competition running in the Tranquillity Therapies facebook group - why check it out?

Whats the difference between Massage and Reflexology, I hear you ask? Well, basically, Massage is working on the body - whether back, stomach, head, face etc. and requires you to remove clothing. Reflexology concentrates only on the feet or hands, and uses holds, strokes and finger walking. Requires removal of shoes & socks only...simple!

Mobile phone up and running! All systems are go!!!

***PLEASE NOTE: My mobile phone has died. Please make contact via the webform or email until further notice. Thankyou!***

I'm so very proud to announce that I've completed and passed the Neuroflexology course! This is an amazing new therapy, and I've seen some outstanding results! Backache, Arthritis, depressive conditions - these have all responded to Neuroflexology!
It can be carried out on feet or hands; is a quick but deeply powerful treatment.
Want to know more? Contact me!

An elephants Molar weighs 9lb and is one foot across!!!

Sorry if you're feeling neglected! I've had a nasty case of Tennis Elbow, thus out of action for a couple of months! Im working on the backlog of appointments, so please do accept my most sincere apologies.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fabulous festive season, and a peaceful 2016!

The Christmas Crackers were certainly well attended! Perhaps it should be an annual feature?!

Leading up to Christmas, and starting on 30th November, there will be a selection of "Christmas Crackers". These are very special offers, at a very discounted rate.
The first Christmas Cracker is 30th November to 5th December. Indian Head Massage is being offered at £10 for a 30 min treatment!
There are very few spaces left, so if you're interested, do make contact to secure your booking!

Completed part one of Neuroflexology - its a wonderful, new kind of therapy, I can see so much potential with this! If you'd like to be considered for a case study, and can commit to 6x 1hour treatments, please email or text.

Wow, September already?! Where did August disappear so quickly? Its been a wet, damp last few days - why not cheer yourself up with a lovely treatment? Only a call away...

Had some amazing results recently, with Thought Field Therapy (also known as Tapping)! It has helped some clients with needle phobia, anxiety, and flying fear...never do the therapies I offer, cease to amaze me!

What an awful start to the Summer! Its wet and windy...why not book yourself a relaxing, uplifting know you're worth it...

With the weather being rather warm, do keep hydrated. NHS guidelines say 8x glasses of water per day. Remember though, if you've been exercising or the heat is extreme, you're likely to need more..

Re-vamped website - the marvellous chaps at Webhealer have given the website a thorough overhaul. Hope you like it as much as I do!!

Do you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain? Migraines? Then you should try Vertical Reflex Therapy(VRT)! Its a very quick therapy, usually used in conjunction with a classical Reflexology treatment. VRT is carried out with the client standing/weight bearing, so that the therapist can work 'deeper'. Feedback is that it can be uncomfortable, but its worth it...

Pleased to share with you that I have completed my Health and Nutrition course - another tool in my therapist toolbox :) .

Very pleased to announce that £252 was raised on the Charity Day! Thanks to everyone who was involved!

June is Motor Neurone Disease awareness month!
My husband has MND. The charity MNDA has helped us immensely.
Saturday, 6th June is Tranquillity Therapies fundraiser for the MNDA.
Therapies on offer are:
Indian Head Massage 30 mins £15
Hand Reflexology 30 mins £15
Foot Reflexology 30 mins £15
Bargain, and all for a good cause! Get booking, and please share...

The human toenail takes around 6 months to fully grow - from the base to the tip!

Dogs carry a bacteria on their feet which makes them smell like popcorn, or corn snacks...

Wishing you all a very happy Easter!

Don't forget to put those clocks an hour FORWARD! A sure sign that Spring is here!

An easy and cheap way to improve your health with immediate effect is...SMILING!
Smiling is catching...smiling releases feel good hormones...smiling helps with anxiety stress...
Try it out and see!

Do you want to...
~ feel better?
~ feel happier?
~ feel more at peace?
Complementary therapy may help you. Why not choose a therapy, and book an appointment?

Reiki...its very hard to put into actual words how it will affect a client. Heres a quick list of benefits..
~ Creates a deep relaxation
~ Dissolves Insomnia
~ Promotes creativity
~ Encourages immune system to work better

Indian Head Massage...its performed whilst the client is sitting on a chair. Ideal for those who are worried about feeling 'exposed', and is suitable for both Males & Females.
(, you don't have to have hair, either!)
There are lots of benefits of an Indian Head Massage (IHM) are just a few...
1) Can help prevent Migraines, Headaches and Backache
2) Helps with hair growth
3) Encourages a healthy sleep pattern. Dispels Insomnia & restlessness
4) Improves memory & concentration
5) Relieves symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Just to tell you about a quick competition...join Tranquillity Therapies group on Facebook (by clicking here), and post a picture of your feet to be in with a chance to win yourself a lovely Reflexology treatment!
Not a lot of time, so get cracking!

Happy February!

What can Reflexology do for you? It can help relieve stress, help to ease pain, promote circulation and promote a good nights sleep...

Id like to wish all clients, old/new/forthcoming, and very happy 2015!

The human nose can recognise 50,000 different scents.

Brrr! Its certainly turned, the weather, hasn't it? The temperature is lowering, the winds are sweeping, and the rain is lashing...
So, why not book yourself in for a lovely treatment? It will pick you up, relax you, and make you feel better.

So, you've landed here on my website, and you still need a little more encouragement to give Reflexology a try.
Maybe you have some aches and pains, some old sports injuries or niggles that need some attention.
Perhaps you're not sleeping so well, and need to de-stress and relax, to help you on your way to the land of Nod.
Or, you're feeling not quite right, and can't put your finger on why you're feeling low or out of sorts.
Reflexology is a gentle, holistic therapy which aims to balance your entire being.
What are you waiting for? Why not book an appointment today?

King Louis XIV of France’s feet began to rot when he got old.
At one point a servant found a toe that had fallen off inside one of the King’s socks!

The average human takes over 23,000 breaths everyday!

Welcome to October!

The Human brain is more active during the night, than during the day!

The human head contains 22 bones!

There seems to have been a technical glitch in Septembers Newsletter...all sorted now though!!

For Septembers special, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage will be £20!!
Book soon, before all the slots go!!!

The average person will walk around 115,000 miles in a life time - that's more than four times around the earth!

Its August! Traditional time for family holidays...
Why not book yourself in for a relaxing treatment to either kick off your holiday or make it last longer...

I'm working on Lip Balms & Foot Balms for public sale...keep an eye out for more details!

Did you know that most individuals produce enough saliva in their lifetime to fill a swimming pool twice over? Amazing!

Did you know, your mood can be enhanced with Reflexology? The treatment helps to normalise hormone imbalances, which may have led to the low mood.

Reflexology can help support clients with depression and anxiety. A few self-help tips which can help also are: start some kind of gentle physical activity - walking is ideal!
Giving up smoking - this can lower anxiety levels.

June is Motor Neurone Disease awareness month. I'm doing my bit, by holding another Charity Day on June 14th in aid of this worthy cause.
£15 for 30 mins of either Reflexology or Indian Head Massage.

Just a quick note for everyone - I've now recovered from my Op, and will be back to clinic starting 24/05/2014.
Many thanks to those who sent Get Well wishes!
I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

Touch is the first sense to develop in humans, and is believed to be the last to fade

Ive donated two treatments to Happy Endings Rescue for their raffle for their Easter Fun Day - why not check out the details by clicking here

Fingers in the Human hand have no muscles...!

Elephants can use their feet for hearing...amazing!

Butterflys taste with their feet!

The Human necks carries 1/7th of our total body weight!

In a pair of feet, there are around 250,000 sweat glands! Our feet are amazing!

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