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Prices & Packages

Treatments are carried out in a warm and calming environment, where gentle & soft background music is played and candles are lit, to help you relax & unwind and ensuring that you leave feeling balanced, peaceful and happy.

~Soul Saver
£22 - Lasts 30 minutes
Reflexology for feet or hands, ideal for those who want a 'taster' or with limited time or budget. Comforting & relaxing.

£30 - Lasts around 50 mins
Luxurious Reflexology treatment which will leave you feeling like you’re walking on air.

~Menopausal, Maternity & Fertility Reflexology
£30 - Lasts around 50 mins
Relaxing and rebalancing

~Sweet Feet
£35 - Lasts around 50 mins
Indulge your senses with a Reflexology treatment for Feet or Hands, with the added pleasure of Aromatherapy oils blended to YOUR needs. Euphoric!

~Hot Stone Reflexology
£40 - Lasts around 50 mins
Feel completely cosseted. Comforting and lavishly indulgent, a tranquil treatment that dissolves stress. Pure decadence.

£35 - Lasts an hour with a working time of 10 mins.
Fabulous treatment, allows and encourages the body to heal itself.
Deeply relaxing , induces a state of calm and feelings of well being. Great for easing inflammatory conditions, anxiety and/or depression.

Crystal Foot Massage
£35 - Lasts around 50 mins
Massaging with crystal wands/spheres combines the relaxing benefits of Massage/Reflexology with the healing vibrations of crystals. A totally "different" experience that will leave you relaxed, calm & less stressed.

~Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage
£25 - Lasts 40 minutes.
Melt those aches, pains and knots away!

~Neck, Back, Shoulders with Scalp Massage
£30 - Last 50 minutes
A treatment which truly de-stresses. Blissful!

~Bamboo Massage
£30 Lasts 40 minutes for back, neck & shoulders
£50 Lasts 60 minutes for whole body treatment

~Indian Head Massage
£30 - Lasts 40 minutes
(Including neck, shoulders, scalp and upper arm massage)
Calms anxiety, aids focus and concentration, eases depression.

~Hot Stones Massage
£40 - Lasts 40 minutes
Heated Basalt stones are used on your Neck, Back and Shoulders, to help ease and eradicate aches and pains. Profoundly relaxing.

~Hot Stones Indian Head Massage
£40 - Lasts 40 minutes
This incorporates Heated Basalt stones into a classical Indian Head Massage treatment, which are used on your neck, shoulders and upper arms. Working deeply into the tissues, is a great way to relieve pain and melt stress. Does not include face.

~Traditional Reiki
£30 - Lasts 50 mins
Deeply relaxes, calms and balances. A truly peaceful experience.

~Crystal Reiki
£35 - Lasts 50 mins
A powerful, treatment for maximum healing on all levels.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT/Tapping)
£35 - Lasts 50-60 mins
To address addictive behaviours, phobias & fears, shock and trauma, eating disorders etc
Emotional problems

~Group / Class
Get your name down on the list for a new term!

£30 per session - 60 mins

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Facial Therapy
~Express Facial
Using Kaeso or Charlie Locks products
£27 - 30 mins Double cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate & Mask.
~Luxury Facial
Using Charlie Locks products
£42 - 60 mins Double cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Face massage, & Mask. Includes scalp massage.

Deluxe Packages
£55 - Lasts an hour and a half
Lingering, luxurious Reflexology, pure and simple.

~Hand & Foot Reflexology
£55 - Lasts an hour and a half
Reflexology performed on both Hands and Feet. Exquisite!

~Reflexology & Indian Head Massage
£55 - Lasts about an hour and a half
Pure indulgence! After your therapy session, you will feel deeply relaxed, uplifted, serene & tranquill, floating out of the door without a care in the world.

~Leg Massage & Reflexology
£55 - Lasts about an hour and a half
Treat those pins to a lingering treatment - they deserve it!

~Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage & Reflexology
£55 - Lasts about an hour and a half
An exquisite treatment to soothe and calm away any stiffness - divine!

~Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage & Hot Stone Reflexology
£65 - Lasts about an hour and a half
Deeply relaxing, this treatment will melt away aches and pains, leaving you with a feeling of serenity.

Please Note:
As a courtesy to other clients, should you arrive late, your appointment will end as scheduled

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